We protect the environment and reduce waste.

CGR helps its clients to apply the European Commission’s Plastic Strategy ! We have developed an R-PET for the following applications:

Food-grade R-PET resin (Bottle-to-Bottle)

We offer high quality R-PET in flakes from the processing of bottles and containers coming from separate collection according to EU Regulation 2022/1616.

Rigid film for thermoforming

We offer two solutions: R-PET flakes coming from grinded thermoforming rolls and/or skeletons; R-PET in flakes from the processing of vials and bottles coming from separate waste collection


We offer multi-colored PET flakes coming from grinded defected preform which guarantee a constant color and high mechanical resistance to the end product.

Polyester fibre

We offer R-PET in flakes for the production of thermo-acoustic insulation and ” green ” textile with low environmental impact.