We recycle PET bottles

We treat PET bottles coming from separate waste collection, in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2022/1616, and, after an automated cleaning process, we obtain high quality PET flakes, clear or blue (suitable for the production of R- PET approved by EFSA).

Waste becomes a resource

We purchase various types of post-industrial processing scraps to produce PET, HDPE, PP and PS grinded materials and granules.

We protect the environment

We work hard every day to protect the environment and citizens from pollution caused by plastic packaging.



Material rejected by industries that CGR has recycled

< 0,30

kw per kg

of R-PET flake product



PET bottles waste coming from separate collection that CGR can process



less CO2 for every kilo of recycled R-PET

Our watchwords are respect and quality

Respect for customers and suppliers, which for us means competence, constant updating, quality products at competitive prices. Respect for the environment, to make the best use of resources.


Stay updated on the latest news in the field of plastics recovery, help us achieve the sustainability goals of a circular economy.