By collecting and recycling PET bottles, CGR contributes to reducing the use of non-renewable resources and reducing the impact of plastic on the environment. CGR complies with the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2022/1616.

CGR’s quality system:

(a) ensure that the collected plastic waste meets the EFSA criteria;

(b) ensure traceability of each batch up to the point of the first sorting of collected plastic waste;

(c) is certified by an independent third party.

We produce R-PET flakes suitable for sheet production and thermoforming as well as bottle-to-bottle applications.

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By the mean of optical flakes sorter and/or flotation system we sort the waste purchased from our suppliers. Presses and grinders carry out the volumetric reduction, which is then extruded into pellets or directly used for the production of new products. Product quality control is carried out by metal detectors, mixing silos, extruders and laboratory equipment.

By purchasing of different types and sizes waste, CGR reduces the use of non-renewable materials, also offering an economic advantage both to its suppliers, who thus will not have costs for disposing such waste, and to its customers who, thanks to the many existing incentives, they will be able to purchase products at competitive prices.

All our products are packaged in heavy and stable Big-bags